Festival info

  1. What is the date, time, and location of the event?
    • Date: 27th July 2024
    • Gate opening time: 11am
    • Festival finish: 9pm
  2. What is the theme or purpose of the event?
    • Think local, everything you see at #LancsFest is from within Lancashire… the purpose is to bring access to arts + culture at low cost.
  3. Is there an agenda or schedule available?
    • Check out the Festival Lineup page to find out the times performers will take to the stage!
  4. How much does it cost to attend the event?
    • General admission entry is £2 per person, online or £3 at the gate. Tickets have a processing fee online.
  5. Are there any discounts or promotions available for early registration?
    • We released 500 tickets at £1 to launch the sales of tickets.
    • There are no planned promotions.
  6. What is included in the registration fee (e.g., meals, materials, access to sessions)?
    • General admission ticket grants you entry only once.
  7. Is there a deadline for online tickets?
    • Online tickets will stop selling at 11:59pm 26th July 2024
  8. Is there parking available at the venue?
    • There is no public carpark at the festival, the festival is held in central preston and is local to public amenities.
  9. Any recommendations for attendees traveling from out of town?
    • Traveling light is key to a smoother journey. The festival is just 11minutes walk from the Bus Station + Train Station, with easy access and navigational routes.
  10. Is the event accessible to individuals with disabilities?
    • Yes, the event is held on flat ground, with pathways around the festival for those with worries about being on soil. The ground has fantastic drains built in, and holds up really well for summer. If coming with a wheelchair, you may wish to opt for your electric or an off road style to get really immersed! (The stages are held on grass… drop us an email if you have any questions – lancsfestnw@gmail.com)
  11. Can I bring my dog/cat/rabbit or chicken?
    • Whilst it would be fantastic to have all of our pets with us in summer, we only allow access to those with dogs on leads, who can also prove at the entrance gate they have ample poo bags, a water drinking bottle/bowl and enough fresh water for the pet all day.
    • We urge pet owners to think about shade/water/food for their pets, and to allow them downtime by bringing a small childrens shade and to find a shaded spot for cool down.
    • We reserve the right to refuse any dog at any time, dogs misbehaving or off the lead will be asked to leave immediately.
    • Your pet is your responsibility, the festival does not accept any liability to pet injuries inside or outside the festival. Dog owners must be prepared for all circumstances when visiting a public park with their beloved pet, and thousands of excited public, with stimulating sounds and loud music.
  12. Are there any sponsorship or exhibitor opportunities available?
  13. Will there be any exhibitors or vendors at the event?
    • We will have approximately 30 different vendors and exhbitors at this years festival
  14. How do I cancel or modify my registration if needed?
    • If you need to cancel or modify your registration, please contact us at hello@thelancashirefestival.co.uk with your registration details, and we will assist you with the necessary changes.
  15. Is there a refund policy in case I am unable to attend?
    • Refunds are only valid if the event cancels within 24 hours before the event. Your ticket money helps fund everything to setup the event, including decor/stage hire/artist booking deposits and creative projects to create the event. We support as many people during the process as we can.
    • Should you wish to claim a refund, please email hello@thelancashirefestival.co.uk to discuss further, we aim to please all our friends of the festival!
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