About us

Welcome to #LancsFest, a passion project brought to life by Joshua Holden. For four years, this venture has thrived solely on self-funding, a testament to dedication and commitment. Joshua, the sole manager throughout this journey, has steered the ship with unwavering determination. What sets us apart is our independence, standing strong without support from local councils or government bodies. This initiative, born from a simple idea, has blossomed into a collaborative platform, having engaged with over 100 acts. At The Lancashire Festival, we celebrate creativity, resilience, and the power of community in shaping our unique narrative

Why Choose Our Festival?

Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Join us in creating memories for families and friends in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Lancashire Love: Embrace the unique charm and warmth of Lancashire as we celebrate the local culture, creativity, and community.

Diverse Audience: Connect with a diverse audience of music and art enthusiasts, ensuring maximum exposure for your brand.

Affordable Spaces: Prices start at just £45 per day, offering an incredible opportunity to showcase your culinary or artistic talents without breaking the bank.

“To be bringing back #LancsFest as an annual festival in the centre of the city, it gives me no greater joy but to respect the city, the county and the local people – showcasing local artisans and artists from this fantastic county fills me with great pride. I’ll see you in July.
– Joshua Holden

Picture by Michael Porter Photography